Recaulking tub surround

Keep an eye on your bathtub caulking between the tub and the surround. When it starts separating and have open voids, it is time to remove the old bad caulk and redo the caulk.

Be careful with scraping the finish on the tub. Possible tools are painter multi use 7in1 blades, putty knife, box knife.

Cut and scrape out old caulk. Vacuum grit out if needed. Wipe and dry the joint.Have paper towel ready to clean caulk tip off regularly and to place garbage tape onto.

For a clean edge, use painters blue tape, and lay a straight line.  Use a good quality Bath/tub/tile caulk. Wet your finger and smooth out the caulk bead.  Carefully pull away the tape so it doesn’t tear away the caulk or drip caulk all over. If the caulk tears away, it may be possible to reasonably smooth out the caulk tear with a wet finger. Have paper towels ready for caulk tip cleanup as you caulk. Also have a trash container ready for caulked-up tape.

Being neat and careful helps cleanup.

cleaning out old caulk

Here is an example of taping before caulking to get fairly clean caulk lines.

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