Can you Cope?

I recently trimmed out a family room with new oak casing with backband,  baseboard and shoe.

It works well to ‘cope’ the shoe at inside corner. Here is a short explanation of how to do that. And then you can smile, knowing you know how to cope.

Basically run one piece of shoe long, [...]

Rehab old wood sills and casing as practical

It is important to keep up on wood window sill maintenance. This is one thing old and new houses need to have monitored. And newer window from the 60′s-80′s with fingerjointed brickmold and sills can rot even faster than old growth doug fir casing. Scape, painting and redoing the caulk is an ongoing maintainance [...]

Recaulking tub surround

Keep an eye on your bathtub caulking between the tub and the surround. When it starts separating and have open voids, it is time to remove the old bad caulk and redo the caulk.

Be careful with scraping the finish on the tub. Possible tools are painter multi use 7in1 blades, putty knife, box [...]