"Green", whatever that means?

There are things in my line of work that I associate with the term “Green”.

One of these is energy conservation by air sealing and insulating. There are many items I can assess from my years of experience in remodeling and that I may be able to take care of.  There are others that may require another professional with equipment, who I can refer. I would also recommend having a home performance (energy audit) done on your house to be aware of what details may be  important to address. Focus on Energy provides tax rebates for investing in man of these types of upgrade.

There is also the issue of healthy homes, involving having and using fans for fresh air intake along with getting rid of moisture and bad air quality. Replacing old fans or installing new fans for bathrooms and kitchens are typical considerations. I will be able to take care of many of these things after an initial assessment, and if they are beyond my reach, I can help coordinate the subcontractors needed to address the issue. Also, performing a home performance test will measure the performance of bath fans and kitchen appliances for combustion concerns.

And I am very interested in considering green choices and how practical they are. And I would encourage everyone to consider the implications of their choices of building materials for sustainability, practicality, distance of travel, environmental impact in the house and the many other consideration that come into play in each of our decisions. The approaches to these questions are never straight-forward.

We are all stewards of the limited resources of our planet.